Friday, July 27, 2012

Whaler Restaurant in Red Bay, Labrador - Best Fish and Chips

I don't know about you, but I like fish  and chips. A nice piece of fish, thinly battered deep fried, crispy chips, some coleslaw and some tartar sauce and we are happy. But what do we usually get?: an over-battered piece of previously frozen fish, soggy fries, a prepared slaw and one or two pre-packed little cups of oily tartar sauce (imitation), right? The price doesn't usually indicate, what we will find in front of us a little later after ordering - to late to be sorry for the decision.

Not here, at the Whaler Restaurant down at the pier in Red Bay, Labrador. Just across of the  interpretation center of Parks Canada that exhibit the early days of whale hunting by the Basques here on the East coast of Labrador.

Entering the restaurant you will find a nice, clean setup and nicely decorated without being tacky. At one side the entrance to the gift shop, at the other a small exhibition of memorabilia of the Grenfell heritage.

This place was recommended to us by a local storekeeper with the suggestion not to miss to try their Fish and Chips. And how right she was: The plate was $ 12.95 and we were assured that we will get freshly caught by a local fisherman Cod with homemade fries. The plate locked beautiful - not overloaded but just nicely presented but more important it was a delight. The fish was fresh, moist and the batter not thick and soggy but light and very crispy. So were the fries accompanied by some homemade slaw and a refreshing tartar sauce.

We didn't get the secret of the batter, but all we know is, that it is a dry batter applied to the fresh Cod after it has been dunked in milk .....

If you ever have the chance to go and visit Red Bay, Labrador don't miss the two places: The National Historic Site about the whale hunting and the Whaler Restaurant - you will certainly remember this day a long time after.

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